Fita is a plug-in suite for the Ricoh Theta V designed to connect with your Google Cloud account.

Made by independent developers at Everywoah, Fita serves the needs of 360º 4k spherical shooters demanding an optimal production for team collaboration and flexible workflows.

Fita expands your Theta V horizons.

with on board WiFi, in camera stitching, and a connected cloud account, my team can now review and distribute my Theta V footage easier and faster than ever....

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Video courtesy of Ricoh Europe. Fita is not affiliated with the Ricoh Company.  All product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Fita and Everywoah S.L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about 360º video optimal cloud workflow with the Fita Android plug-in for the Ricoh Theta V.

What is Fita?

Fita is a plug-in suite for the Ricoh Theta V that connects to your Google Cloud Account.

The Fita plug-in suite comprises:

  1. a camera plug-in loaded to the Ricoh Theta V
  2. a companion Android device app

Configuring the Fita suite of apps allows 360º video Theta V 4k shooters to rapidly upload media via WiFi, without the need to download high resolution stitched media to a connected Android device beforehand.

Who is Fita for?

Fita is for Theta V owners looking to save time and allow maximum future flexibility in professional workflows and team collaboration by storing their media to Google Cloud Storage.

Fita is an app suited to Theta V users with an existing Google Cloud Storage account and an intermediate to advanced knowledge of 360º camera workflows.

What are the minimum requirements to install and deploy Fita?

The minimum requirements to run Ricoh Theta V at the moment are

  • Ricoh Theta V - running latest firmware v2.30.1
  • Android device - running 7.1.2+ Nougat
  • Google Cloud Services Account
  • Vysor - in order to configure the Fita plug-in for now

When and where can I obtain Fita?

The Fita suite comprises a Theta V plugin, available soon on the Ricoh plug-in store and a companion app.

  • The Fita companion App will be available in closed beta on Android Play.
  • Stay tuned for updates, sign up below to receive an alert when available

Is Fita available for iOS?

The Fita companion app is currently available on Android Play.

Stay tuned for updates, sign up below to receive an alert when Fita is available for iOS.

How do I install Fita?

To install the Fita plugin for your Theta V please visit the Ricoh Theta plug-in store.

To install the companion Fita Android app for your device, please join the closed beta and visit Google Play.

How do I set up my Google Cloud Account for Fita?

There are several steps to follow with your Google Cloud Account before configuring for Fita.

This is a one off process to configure your Google Account for Fita.

  1. Create a Google Cloud project

2. Select your project, and create a bucket

3. If you do not have credits, you must setup a billing account

4.  To create a bucket, click Storage

5. Once created, the bucket will display in your Storage

6. After creating your bucket, credentials are required to authenticate your Theta V

7. In APIs and Services, select Credentials.

8. Once your credentials are created, they will appear in your list of Credentials.

9. Notice there's a download icon. Enter on your Android device, and download the JSON file.


10. Tip: Select "Desktop mode" on your mobile browser. Select your project, go to Credentials and download the JSON file.

How do I configure Fita on my Theta V?

The following instructions are to configure Fita for your Theta V using a Mac.

  1. Connect your Theta V by USB to your Mac.
  2. Verify that the camera is listed under "adb devices"

3. If your device is listed your device has recognised the Theta V, (if your device is not listed, you may not have installed adb, please refer to

4.The next step is to send the config.json archive (downloaded from Google Cloud) to your Theta V, using the following command:

adb push 'path_to_config.json' /sdcard

5. You now have your config.json stored to your Theta V. Now let's configure the plugin.

6. If your plugin is in an APK version, you will have to send it to the Theta V using "adb push", similar to config.json

7. Open or install Vysor

8. When you run Vysor and click "View", your Theta V will display as an Android device.

9. Open the menu and select the File explorer. Please note in the image you can see how the config.json and the apk of the Fita plug-in appear. 

10. Click the Fita apk from the list to install it.

11. Once installed, please click DONE

12. After the plug-in is installed, please go to "Settings/Apps" to enable permissions.

13. Your Fita plugin is now ready to be activated.

14. Before closing Vysor, pair your Theta V via Bluetooth to your mobile device.

  • On ThetaV (via Vysor) Open Settings /Bluetooth
  • On your phone, open Settings/Connections.
    • Turn Visibility "On"
    • Open Bluetooth, and a new device will appear, with the S/N of your camera (0010xxxx). Pair it
    • On Vysor, accept the pairing

15. Close Vysor, disconnect the camera, and open the Ricoh Theta app from your Android device

16. Reboot your Theta V and place it into WiFi Access Point mode (Blue WiFi icon). When connecting to the Ricoh app, select Fita plug-in as the active plug-in.

16. Put your Ricoh Theta V into "plugin mode" (hold the mode button), and Fita plug-in will run on your Theta V.

Now proceed to authenticate your Theta V to your Google Cloud bucket, using your Fita smartphone app. See "How do I authenticate Theta V on my Google Cloud bucket?"

How do I authenticate Theta V on my Google Cloud bucket?

If you followed prior steps, you'are ready to connect your Theta V to your Google Cloud bucket.

  1. Turn on your Theta V and press the mode button until the white led displays (Fita plugin turns on). 
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your device and depress "Wifi button" on your Theta V to initialise a Bluetooth connection.
  3. Open Fita app on your Android device
    • A code will appear on your app. Copy it and press GO


    • When you press GO, it will open a browser for auth. Paste your code and press Next

    • Once you're authenticated, switch back to Fita app (Android)
    • Press Buckets button, select your bucket, and press Choose button.
    • Your screen will look like this. Now your camera is connected to your Google Storage bucket.

  4. Restart your camera and enter Plugin mode. You can close android app

How do I upload 360º photos with Fita?

Once you configured your Theta V, you can upload 360º photos with Fita:

  1. Turn on Theta V in plugin mode. A green LED will blink. This means the Theta V is connecting to Google Cloud. Once connected, LED will turn blue.
  2. Press Mode button, so you can switch between photo/video. Blue camera/video LED will be on.
  3. For photo: Press Theta V shutter button. The green Wifi LED will blink while the photo is being processed and uploaded. This will typically take 3 seconds.
  4. When the photo uploads successfuly to your Google Cloud bucket, the WiFi LED will turn blue again.
  5. That's it!

How do I upload 360º video with Fita?

Fita for Theta V for videos is coming soon.

Please sign up for updates.

What features are next for Fita?

Fita is under development at the moment for added functionality such as batch uploading and mode controls.

Fita for Theta V will include other social media services soon.

Stay tuned for updates.

What support is available for Fita users?

From the companion Fita app you can open a helpdesk ticket. Look out for the Support tab in the app and here on the web.

Or view the Support page. Fita support

We aim to answer all support enquiries within the same working day, and in most cases do so within 30 minutes.

Who can I contact about Fita?

Fita is an app project from Everywoah.

The team at Everywoah are partner Facebook Camera AR developers and VR and AR app developers for brands and story-tellers.

Everywoah is a limited company based in Barcelona, Spain.

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A plug-in suite for Ricoh Theta V

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